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Cars for kids. Photo memory game for kids is a classic board game that helps develop memory skills of children and adults. By playing this game you will practice memory and cognitive ability. The game includes photos of pets, plants and things like horse, dog, goat, child bike.

Photo Memory Game is a game for everyone, preschool children, school children, youth and adults. Contains simple and intuitive interface that is easy to navigate. This photo memory game you and your kids have fun in the waiting room, car, restaurant or anywhere.

- 3 levels: easy 4x4, medium 6x4, challenging 6x6
- A game for 1, 2, 3 and 4 players
- 3 sets of cards: Pets, Things and English vocabulary
- Counting results (number of pairs and attempts)
- Viewing photos in full screen (useful for mobiles)
- Development of recognition, concentration and motor skills
- Visual memory training
- Contains pictures of animals, flowers, toys, things and cartoon images
- Use your own photos to play (a paid app)


Main menu
Here you can select a set of cards, the difficulty (number of cards) and number of players. When you press Play to get to the game field

Initially you will see all the cards face down. Click on one of the cards and remember the picture. With another click will try to find a turn card is the same as the previous image. In case that images on both cards will be the same, and remain rotated can continue with the next pair. Otherwise, both cards to turn back and you will have another try. Try to find all the pairs as quickly as possible.

Download cars memory game from Googleplay here.

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