Songs for kids.


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Já mám koně vraný koně ...

Já mám koně vraný koně ...

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Training, service, support

We offer initial and continuing training, warranty, post-warranty and preventative service and technical support.

Application database

Extensive suitor of applications and use for specific purposes, educational and presentation. There are a number of expanding software packages plus the option of individual configuration and equipment.

Interactive touch televisions

Interactive Mobile Touch TV to schools, nurseries and companies for presentation purposes. Touch control in Windows and Android simultaneously (switchable). High brightness, adjustable height. Compatible with common peripherals (USB, Wifi, DVD, printers, network).
Software for schools and kindergartens. Free Android Apps for Kids. Windows for children free, free tutorials, program for pre-school school education, a suitor of activities for kindergartens and schools. EdutabTV interactive touch television for schools, kindergartens, business. Alternative for interactive board. Mobile version, complete set with microcomputer, network connectivity, Wifi, USB usage. Low acquisition and operating costs. Educational apps database, educational apps directory. Production, service, entry and continuing training. Equipment for schools and kindergartens. Computing technology for schools and kindergartens, school software, school programs, educational programs for schools, subsidies to schools, touch frame, audiovisual technology, computer technology for schools and nurseries. windows, windows10, android, preschool education, primary school, high school, school aids.